About US

The Brand Name TOPDON
TOPDON, is a combination of two words, “TOP” and “DON”, developed with the concept of conveying our passion and ingenuity to take “Dare to Be the TOP” to fruition.
Since 2009, it is used as the brand name representing the Company, products and services.

Journey Begins
We understood the needs for the emerging automotive repair industry, and served our R&D arm to build an array of Automotive Diagnostic Tools for diagnosing the computerized vehicles of today and tomorrow.

The products stood the test of time with the spark of invention, and were well welcomed across the globe because of the services offered and the customer relationships in place.

Intelligent OBD Box

ArtiBox, AutoMate Blue Tooth, AutoMate WIFI

DIY Diagnosis Device

ArtiDiag100, TOPDON Plus CAN, TOPDON Elite CAN, ArtiBattery101, ArtiLink201, ArtiLink200, TD309, TD300

Pro Range Tools

ArtiMini, ArtiHD I, ArtiPad I

Less is More
In 2019, TOPDON took strategic measures to streamline the Automotive Diagnostic line by cutting off AL201, TD300, TD309, AutoMate, ArtiBox, AB201, then upgrade the rest of product designs with classic materials, dynamic outlines, and color-coordinated presentations, for users who are seeking the perfect experience, would expect preferred not just in performance, but also in appearance.

Art of Technology - ArtiLink
The brand-new ArtiLink series was launched in 2020, adding a new piece to the story and values of the brand.
This improved Automotive Diagnostic line shows TOPDON’s continuous technological innovation and improvement. Each of ArtiLink tools is designed with the technician’s desire for speed and ease of use in mind, while integrating unique and patented features.

Booming in 2020
TOPDON keeps encouraging the team to challenge the ordinary way of exploration in the changing world. Coupled with the unprecedented R&D expenses of over $30 million, the product line was massively expanded to address the technician’s need for increasingly complex diagnostic tune-up and maintenance equipment.

Automotive Diagnostic Tools

ArtiLink Series, ArtiDiag Series, Phoenix Series

Battery Tester

BT100, BT200, BT500P, BT700P

Jump Starter

V1200, V1500, V2000

Battery Charger

T1A, T4A

Power Station


Key Programmer


Thermal Camera


This major push into the automotive repair industry has deeply intertwined with TOPDON’s identity: the stylish of the appearance, the smooth of the operation, the precision of the test result, and the painstaking attention to details.
They represent the very best of TOPDON quality, global expertise and years of dedication.

Future is at TOPDON
We always embrace challenges and opportunities as we are positioned for the future.
Since day one, we begin with CONVICTION.
          We are dedicated to offering the highest rank of services and products.
We continue with INNOVATION.
          Our continual researching and developing ensures unmatched experience.
We are enhanced by PERSISTENCE.
          Quality honors our roots and maintains high standards, with unwavering dedication.
And the final word is SERVICE.
          A sign of refinement and excellence, which permeates our every aspect.

The care and commitment reserved for each process are the main ingredients of the TOPDON recipe for perfection.

TOPDON continues to cultivate the brand image as the global supplier of well-crafted products and customer-oriented service, for people all around the world who would never disappoint the performance and price-wise, creating solid and lasting bonds with no expiration date.
When choosing us, you are teaming up with years of manufacturing experiences and dedication.

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Email: uksupport@topdonscanner.com

Thank you and enjoy.